Farm Kids Registration Form

Farm Kids

Farm Kids is an outdoor program designed for children ages 3-5 to learn while experiencing life on the farm.  Kids will have an opportunity of “learn by doing” as they participate in animal care, farm chores, education, adventure, and discovery.

Farm Kids curriculum will consist of activities leading to the following life skills:

  • Work ethic
    • instilling the value of hard work
      • Farm Kids will participate in all aspects of animal care, farm chores and complete all before playtime
  • Responsibility
    • farm chores come first
      • Farm Kids will learn the value of putting things back where they found them and taking care of their space
  • Critical thinking skills
    • problem solving skills, creative solutions
      • Farm Kids will be given tasks that challenge their minds and encourage creativity
  • Flexibility
    • adapting to change, time management
      • Farm Kids will learn to change paths and adapt to new situations
  • Initiative
    • awareness of what needs to be done
      • Farm Kids will learn to be leaders and know when to delegate
  • Perseverance
    • dealing with disappointment and frustration
      • Farm Kids will learn to be tough and push through challenging situations
  • Team player
    • lend a hand
      • Farm Kids will learn how to work together for solutions
  • “Real World” skills
    • practical solutions, creative thinkers
      • Farm Kids will learn to think on their feet
  • Respect
    • for others, property and authority
      • Farm Kids learn to respect the farm and all that goes with it
  • Humility
    • humbleness, others can come first
      • Farm Kids will learn to do the right thing when no one is looking
  • Passion
    • living their best life
      • Farm Kids learn to go after their dreams even if its difficult

A Typical Day…

  • Arrive at the farm. Check-in with Miss Emily. Find your cubby and put your things in it. Sit at the table and wait for your fellow Farm Kids to arrive.
  • Miss Kathryn and Miss Alicia will greet you all and talk about what the day will look like.
  • Farm Animal of the day will come out. Fun facts about that animal.
  • Each group of Farm Kids will go with their teacher to find out their first adventure.  Kids will learn to read the map and prep for their adventure by packing their day pack with items provided for that adventure.
  • Each adventure will last 45min and the kids come back to unpack and take a short break for a drink and snack.
  • Kids will prep for their 2nd adventure. Gather and go.
  • Lunch will be around 11 AM (still on working on schedule)
  • Day is wrapped up with sitting on the table and discussing how the day went. All chores will have been completed and they are ready to sign out and go home.


  • Animal care- feeding, cleaning, watering, exercise
  • Rocky Mountain- learning about building with rocks, gravity, teamwork
  • Forest- learning about shelter, why animals like it or not
  • Ball Run- teamwork to design a ball run out of natures best
  • Sand court- search and discover what is buried
  • Greenhouse- all about growing things
  • Drainage- learn all about water flow and experiment with what floats and what doesn’t
  • Building- learn about certain tools and how to be creative thinkers
  • Veterinarian- learn about taking care of animals
  • Birds- go on an adventure to find and listen to birds
  • Farm maintenance- learn how to repair things
  • Arena time- hobby stick horses, games
  • Farm Fit- workout to stay farm strong
  • Art- find things in nature to make into art
  • Playtime with animals- enjoy the chickens, goats, rabbits, horses and cows
  • Nature walks- fun time to walk the farm and discover new things

Sessions begin in September 2023

Current pricing is:

– $480/month
– Monday, Wednesday, and Friday only from 8:45 AM – 12:45 PM

– $320/month
– Tuesday and Thursday only from 8:45 AM – 12:45 PM

The calendar follows Hockinson School District 2023-2024 school year.

Note: call to take a tour and fill out the Registration Form

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